Clever trickery is not equal to stupid sincerity

One day, when Meng Sun was out hunting, a fawn was captured. Meng Sun bade his huntsman put it on a cart and take it home; but the dam followed and bleated so piteously that the huntsman could not bear to be unkind to the animal, and let the fawn go. When they got home, Meng Sun asked where the fawn was, and the huntsman said, “I could not bear to be so unkind, and I gave the fawn back to its dam.” Meng Sun was furious at this, and dismissed the man from his service; but three months later he recalled him, and appointed him to be tutor to his son. Upon this, an official of the Court said, “Not long ago, you punished this man, and now you appoint him to be tutor to your son; how is this?” Meng Sun replied, “If he cannot bear to be unkind to an animal, how will he bear to be unkind to my son?”

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