P’an Ku makes the Heaven and the Earth

Pan Gu, by Shui-xian Mao

In the beginning was the chaos, and P’an ku lives in an egg. He was the offspring of dual power of Chaos.

In his right hand, he holds a hammer and in his left a chisel, which he used in making the heavens and the earth out of Chaos.

His task occupied eighteen thousand years, himself inscreasing in stature day by day, being daily six feet taller than the day before, until his labours ended, he died that his works might live.

His body and limbs became the mountains, his breath the wind and clouds, his voice the thunder, his blood the rivers, his flesh the soil, his skin and hair the herbs and trees, his teeth, bones, and marrow the metals rocks, and precious stones, his sweat the rain.

(See also Pan Gu)

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