Mushrooms Grow Behind His Ears

Once upon a time, a little boy lived with his Grandmother in Dirty-land.

Grandmother never made the boy to wash his face in the morning like other people do. When the little boy washes his face, his grandmother always reminds him, “Don’t wash behind your ear, or mushrooms won’t grow out.”

The little boy never believes her, although he never washes his face properly, and even more reluctant to touch that behind his ears.

One day, when he was in school, his felt a little itchy on his neck. He did his home work after school as usual, and got into bed. The next day, he felt very itchy, and he looked in the mirror, and saw behind his ears were tiny mushrooms. He went down the stairs, and shouted to his grandmother, “Mushrooms behind my ear!”

His grandmother smiled, and said, “Good boy, now we have our own mushrooms. We will have Chicken and mushrooms soup for dinner today.”

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