A Chicken made friend with a Fish

Once upon a time in the Dirty-land, lived a hen. One day she wandered along a brook looking for worms, and she saw a fish swimming happily in the water. Soon afterwards they became friends. The hen told the fish everything in the land, especially the oddest things happened to the boy who had a plum tree growing out his head. The fish told the hen all about everything under the water, but really he didn’t have much to tell, because the brook was so small, and water was shallow. After a long chat, the hen went back to her home, and the fish under the pond.

The next day, the hen came to visit the fish again, their friendship grew, and invited each other to visit their home. But there was a problem, because the hen couldn’t swim, and the fish couldn’t walk on the land.

After a short silence, the hen had an idea, she said, “I can wee on the way, so you can move along.” The fish thought that was not a very good idea, but he would like to give it a try. The fish jumped out of the water, and the hen weed along the way, soon the hen ran out of wee, and she said, “Sorry, I don’t have any wee left.” The fish said, “Try again!” So the hen tried, and squeezed out several drops, and the fish wriggled another inch.

The sun’s getting unbearable hot, and dried the wee on the way, so the fish could move on or went back to the brook. He was totally stuck in the middle of land.

Just then the lazy farmer passed by, and saw the scene. He said, “Are you O.K.?” The fish told the lazy farmer about their trouble. The lazy farmer said, “This I can help, please wait, and I will dig a canal to guild water from East China Sea for you, so you may swim to your friend’s house.”

She said, “Oh, hen said that you’re the Lazy Farmer, why don’t clean out the mud under your bed first, then dig a canal for me?”

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