A Lazy farmer

Once upon there lived a lazy farmer, he never washed himself.

His neighbour said, “You worked in the field on barefoot, at least you should wash your feet before go to bed.”

He said, “I would rather wash my quilt than wash my feet!” But he never washed his bed sheet or quilt.

When his neighbour noticed that his bed was so dirty, they said, “Your bed are so muddy, why don’t you wash it?”

He said, “I would rather let the mud drop on the floor than wash my quilt. I will sweep the floor and carry the mud away. ” When his bed became so muddy that the mud started to drop down on the floor, and accumulated inches thick. But he never swept his floor under his bed.

His neighbour saw it, shook their head, saying, “You said that you would clean the mud and carry it away.”

He said, “I would rather sow seeds than sweep the mud.”

Of course he never sown seeds in his bed or on the floor, or he would have nowhere to sleep.

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