Dirty Boy Carries A Plum Tree On His Head

When the little woman and the tiny old man finished their tea, a little boy came running inside, he was the little woman’s grandson. He said, “I am hungry, can I eat a plum?”

The little woman gave the boy a plum, and warned him again, “Don’t spit out the stone, we want a plum tree to grow out of your head.”

Though the little boy never believed her, he ate it all, and swallowed the stone as his grandmother told him.

The next morning, when he woke up from a nightmare, his head felt very heavy and strange. The boy asked his grandma, “What’s happened with my head, something seems growing and it feels heavy.”

His grandma carefully spread his messy hair, and saw a plant. “A Plum tree is growing out of your head!”She said, “Good boy, well done! Now you have plum tree on your own head, we don’t need to buy plums from the shop any more.”

So the little boy carried the plum tree on his head, when he had a shower, he watered the plum tree; when he went to school, he carried it to school; The plum tree was growing very quickly, the next day it bloomed and started to bear some plums. When he was hungry, he just reached his hand up to pick a plum to eat. He shared his plums with his friends, and everyone in the school could pick one and eat, and the teachers as well. His friends all said, “This is delicious, it even tastes better than the ones from the shop!”

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