A Poor Man’s Beautiful Wife

Once upon a time, a poor Man named Shu Hsiang, who lived with her mother.

By luck or unlucky fate, he met a beautiful lady. But his mother would not allow him to marry her. Shu Hsiang felt very angry, and remonstrated his mother.

But his mother replied: ” In the depths of mountains and in vast marshes dragons and snakes really grow, she is beautiful, but you are of a poor family, I am afraid, lest she give birth to a dragon or a snake, which would bring mishap upon you. “

Nevertheless, Shu Hsiang’s mother then allowed her son to be married, and let the beautiful lady go to the chamber of her husband, and she begot a son, named Shu Hu. Owing to his beauty and hero-like strenghth, Shu Hu became a favourite of the King, but during an uprising, the people of the kingdom expelled their king, and Shu Hu was killed.

The moral of this story is, being an exceptional woman by her beauty, she would give birth to an extraordinary son, and it would be dangerous for an ordinary man like Shu Hsiang to be a blood relation of such an extraordinary person, since fate likes to strike the exalted.

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