The orphan of Chao

During the Spring and Autumn period (8th century B.C. – 5th century B.C.), in the state of Chin, the prime minister T’u An Ku out of hatred destroyed the family of Chao Tun, who was the general of Chin, the who family of Chao Tun, included his sons, other family members and servants of a total 300 people were killed, except his eldest son Chao So’s widow, who was a daughter of the King of Chin, had sought refuge in the palace.

After the death of Chao So, his wife had a posthumous child. When T’u An Ku heard of it, he sought it in the Palace. The mother put it into her pantaloons, and swore the following oath: — ” The whole Chao family will be lost, if the child cries, it will not be so, if it does not utter a sound.” While being searched for, it did not cry at all. Then its escape could be effected, and its life be saved.

Chêng Ying was a faithful adherent of Chao So, and was a doctor. With the excuse of treating the princess, he hide the infant in his medical kit, and carried child out of the palace, and concealed it on a mountain.

Fifteen years later, the old During Duke Ching’s time, Han Chüeh mentioned it to the duke, who together with Han Chüeh raised the orphan of Chao to his former rank, so that he could continue the sacrificial rites of his family under the name of Wên Tse. The orphan of Chao did not utter a sound, as though its mouth had been closed. Thus the elevation of Wên Tse seemed to be predetermined by fate.

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