The Spirit of a Superintendent of the Yellow River

The Governor of Shangtung (山东) submitted a memorial to the Emperor regarding the Spirit of a Superintendent of the Yellow River, who helped to avert the disaster: —

During the recent floods on the Yellow River near Yün Ch’eng-hsien, the water had broken out, and the officials and people to the number of thousands were assembled endeavouring to stop the disaster in vain. In despair they knelt on their knees in the mud and prayed, and suddenly the spirit of the departed Li was seen to rise out of the river and, after hovering about for a little, vanished in a westerly direction. As it hovered, the waves and whirlpools became still, the water seemed to retire along with it, and the wind and rain ceased. The people took advantage of the lull, and after working with energy for two days and two nights succeeded in damming up the breach.

The memorialist has made careful inquiry into the facts, and finds there is no doubt about them. It was entirely to this timely intervention of the spirit that the disasters were averted. The spirit was that of Li Yu-mei, a Superintendent of the Yellow River in the time of Ta Kuang, who was greatly distinguished in his time and whose spirit has ever since been a benefactor to the people. As a reward, H. M. is now asked to canonize him in due form.

— Rescript : Let the Board of Ceremonies consider and report.

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