Duke Yi of Wei was fond of Storks

Duke Yi of Wei, named Chi, was the son of Duke Hui.

The ruin which the Di dealt on Wei is related in the Zhuan:——’In the 12th month, the Di invaded Wey, the marquis of which, duke Yi, was noted for his fondness for storks. So fond was he of the creatures, that some of them were carried about in great officers’ carriages. When the time for fighting came, and the people received their buff-coats, they all said, “Employ the storks. The storks truly have their revenues and dignities;—how should we be able to fight?” The duke gave his semicircle of jade to Shi Qi, and an arrow to Ning Zhuang, and appointed them to guard the city, saying, “With these emblems of authority aid the State, doing whatever you shall deem most advantageous.” To his wife he gave his embroidered robe, saying to her, “Listen to these two officers.” He then mounted his war-chariot, Qu Kong being charioteer, and Zibo the spearman on the right. Huang Yi led the way in front with one body of men, and Kong Yingqi brought up the rear. A battle was fought with the Di near the marsh of Ying, when the army of Wey was shamefully defeated, and the State itself might be said to be extinguished. The marquis would not leave his flag, which made the defeat the greater. The Di made prisoners of the historiographers Hua Longhua and Li Kong, and were carrying them with them in pursuit of the fugitives, when they said, [working on the superstition of the Di], “We are the grand historiographers. The sacrifices of the State are really in our

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