Emperor Wuding did not speak for three years

This story is about Emperor Wuding of Yin Dynasty, who did not speak for three years and found his prime minister Fu Yue that he had seen in his dream.

When Emperor Wuding was on the throne, he pondered how the Yin dynasty could be revivified, but as he had not obtained an assistant he did not speak for three years, government affairs having to be conducted by the prime minister, who examined into the customs of the country.

Wuding dreamed one night that he had found a holy man named Yue, and, in order that he might secure the man he had seen in his dream, he passed under review his officers and ministers of State, but not one of them was the right man.

He then made all his officers search for him in the wilds, and Yue was discovered at the crag of Fu. At this time Yue was a clerk, not a builder at the crag of Fu. He had an audience of Wuding, who said, ‘That is the right man.’

Wuding promoted him to be his prime minister.

The kingdom of Yin was well governed in consequence, and he was named after the crag of Fu, being called Fu Yue.

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