(Dragon tamer playing with dragons)

(Dragon tamer playing with dragons)
In Xia Dynasty, Emperor Kongjia was fond of enquiring into spiritual matters, and indulged in dissipation, and the virtue of the princes of Xia having degenerated, the chiefs rebelled. Heaven sent down two dragons, a male and a female. Kongjia could not feed them, and could not obtain a dragon-keeper. After the decline of Tangtao(Yao) one of his descendants, Liu Lei, learnt to train dragons, and he was chosen out of the dragon-tamer, which was inherited by the descendants of Shiwei. The female dragon died, and he served it up as a meal for the Prince of Xia, but the latter having sent some one to look for it, he became frightened and ran away.

The first named Dragon-tamer is Dongfu, who, during the time of Emperor Shun, was enfeoffed in the place of Dong, where was his surname came from.
(Dongfu, the first known Dragon-tamer)

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