Nüwa repairs the heaven

Nüwa, also of the surname Feng, had the body of a serpent, the head of a man, and the virtue of a holy man.
He came to the throne in the room of Fuxi.
The world opened up by Pan Gu is said to be round in heaven and square on earth. The heaven is held up by four great columns, and the earth secured with rope. As time went by, the columns began to rot and the land began to crack. Lava and putrid water oozed up from underground. The sky would drop rain, hail, and meterors day and night.

One year, the gods of fire and water, Zhu Rong and gong Gong fought each other. Gong Gong, whose duty it was to administer the criminal law, became violent and played the tyrant. He did not rule properly. He also fought with the god of fire Zhurong and was not victorious, when, falling into a rage, he butted with his head against the Incomplete Mountain, and brought it down. The ‘pillar of heaven’ was broken and a corner of the earth was wanting.

Nüwa then fused five-coloured stones to repair heaven, cut off the feet of a tortoise to establish the four extremities of earth, collected the ashes of burnt reeds to stop the inundation. The land and sky largely returned to normal, with only the sky in the northwest and the land in the southeast remaining unmendable and a little more tilted than before. So now, the sun and stars fall into the west and the rivers all flw to the southeast.
After this the earth was at rest, the heaven made whole and the old things were unchanged.
Nüwa died, and Shennong began his reign.

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