The Dreaming of Duke Zhou: Hands and Arms

Dream of his own arms and hands long and strong – means a successful career.

Dreamed that his hands were cut off – will be able to receive God’s help.

Dream of their own arms and hands more red than the original – will be lucky in officialdom, or beat your political opponents and win the election.

Dream of their own arms and hands weak and yellow – it is ominous omen of sickness or disease.

Dream of hands holding the money – will have millions of Guans of savings, that means super rich.

Dreamed that a woman’s hand has become hard – means that woman is a headstrong, obdurate, and eponymous shrew.

Dream to shake hands with strangers – will have to make friends.

Dream of cutting their fingers – will be the winner of love.

Dream of fingers scalded by steam – feel jealous of someone else.

Dream of multi-fingered hands – there will be a noble guest coming.

Dreamed that longer fingers – is booming.

Dream of fingers shortened – life constraints.

Dream of distorted finger – will make money by the means of embezzlement of public funds

Dream bloody fingers – will lose money by being deceived.

Dream of thick and dense hairs on both of your arms and feet – the way to love will not be smooth. Star of a dispute will be flying over your head. Quarrel is likely to become the first fight, with the result that broke up. At this time you would like to do carefully.

Dream of hands and feet being tied up – will have interpersonal trouble. Has always been prejudiced against your classmates, you may spread your ill intent. Then you have to deal with the attitude of aloof. Warning: you have to be very cautious of you behavior and speech.

Dream of swellings on your hand  – wealth will increase rapidly. Perhaps because of your  usual good conduct, you will be to increase the reward money. You can be more generous in the future.

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