Sima Guang Broke Ceramic Water Vat

Sima Guang was a renowned historian during the North Song dynasty and compiled the monumental Comprehensive Mirror to Aid in Government. There is a folktale that Sima Guang broke a great ceramic container where a boy was drowning.

When Sima Guang was eight years old, a group of boys were playing happily in a garden where there were many water vats. Suddenly a boy fell into a vat.

All other boys ran away except for Sima Guang. He thought he should help the drowning boy. But he was too small and the vat was too large. Then he had a good idea. He found a big rock and used all his force to break the bottom of the water container open. The water flushed out of the vat, and the boy was saved.

As a young boy, he dealt with the emergency like a grown up, how clever he was.

This folktale is called SIMA GUANG DA PO GANG in Chinese, which could simply be a play on his name for rhyming, or a twist of tongue.

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