Sai Weng Shi Ma: Maybe

Once upon a time a peasant had a horse. This horse ran away, so the peasant’s neighbours came to console him for his bad luck. He answered: “Maybe”.

The day after the horse came back, leading 6 wild horses with it. The neighbours came to congratulate him on such good luck. The peasant said: “Maybe”.

The day after, his son tried to saddle and ride on one of the wild horses, but he fell down and broke his leg. Once again the neighbours came to share that misfortune. The peasant said: “Maybe”.

The day after, soldiers came to conscript the youth of the village, but the peasant’s son was not chosen because of his broken leg. When the neighbours came to congratulate, the peasant said again :”May be”.

This story is from Huai Nan Tzu, you may find another slightly different version here.

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